March 9, 2011

Waiting on Wednesday(3)

Waiting on" Wednesday is a weekly meme, hosted by Jill at breakingthespine, that showcase upcoming releases that we are eagerly anticipating.

For this week, I have picked Devil's Business (Black London #4) by Caitlin Kittredge.

Let me first say, I love this series! The writing is brilliant and I love the characters and the world that Ms. Kittredge builds.

Since this is the fourth book in the series, I will give you the synopsis for the first book in order not to spoil the first book for you.

Street Magic (Black London #1)

Her name is Pete Caldecott. She was just sixteen when she met Jack Winter, a gorgeous, larger-than-life mage who thrilled her with his witchcraft. Then a spirit Jack summoned killed him before Pete's eys--or so she thought. Now a detective, Pete is investigating the case of a young girl kidnapped from the streets of London. A tipster's chilling prediction has led police directly to the child...but when Pete meets the informant, she's shocked to learn he is none other than Jack. Strung out on heroin, Jack a shadow of his former self. But he's able to tell Pete exactly where Bridget's kidnappers are hiding: in the supernatural shadwo-world of the fey. Even though she's spent years disavowing the supernatural, Pete follows Jack into the invisible fey underworld, where she hopes to discover the truth about what happened to Bridget--and what happened to Jack on that dark day so long ago.

So what are you waiting for? Leave comments, links below. If you follow I will follow back :)

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Oh wow, this does sound good! I haven't heard of this series before, so I will have to add it to my tbr pile!

  2. This book sounds great!! I will have to check it out! :)

  3. Ooooh I really want to start this series - sounds awesome.

  4. This series sounds very good. I need to check them out.

  5. Sounds like an exciting series! :) Thanks for sharing your WoW pick and for including the summary of the first book.

    My WoW this week is The Day Before

  6. This series is great. I want to read her YA book Iron Thorn which came out in February.

  7. I'd never heard of this series. Thanks for sharing. Now I have something else to check out!

  8. NaKesha- I love finding new series too!

  9. I haven't heard of this book before. The premise sounds very interesting.

  10. Haven't heard of this series before: it looks really good! Thanks for bringing it to my attention, so that I can maybe add it to my wishlist! ;)
    Thanks for commenting! There are just too many good books coming out, aren't there? ;)

  11. I've never heard of this series before but it sounds fantastic. Another one to add to my "to read" list!


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