March 10, 2011


I love music as much as I love reading a good book. With music you can be creative tell a story and express yourself, it's a form of art just like reading a book is. With books the author has a story that they want to tell and through their writing they are able to express themselves. With this said both music and books are part of my life you can call it my drug of choice. :)

So I am sharing some of my favorite artist/songs today. What kind of music do you listen to? Which artist is your favorite? Leave a comment I'll be happy to read what your interest are.

Happy Thursday!

Kings of Leon- Pyro  ( Not only do I love the song but I love the video as well)

Paramore- Misguided Ghost

Adele- Rolling in the Deep


  1. Hi! New follower here! =) I found you via Theresea's blog, "Just Nook It".
    It's kind of funny because I just posted about what song I have on repeat right now and I was "this close" to adding Adele's Rolling in the Deep as well. We must be on the same page today.

  2. Love Paramore! Love Adele! Love Kings of Leon! Great picks! This is pretty much the kind of music I listen to all the time but I love all types of music.


  3. Crystal- Great minds think alike :) I'm going to check out your blog now.

    Jennifer- Her new album is awesome.

    Nakesha- I love all types of music too! I went to my first concert last year (Kings of Leon) and it was amazing!

  4. Rollin in the Deep gives me goosebumps, i love that song!


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