July 5, 2011

Tune in Tuesday {4}

Photobucket This meme is hosted by Ginger at Greads and showcases music that you love. Each week you can post an old or new song so that it gains more interest. So if you are a music buff like I am you should definitely head on over to her site and link up.

One of my favorites movies is A Lot Like Love with Ashton Kutcher and Amanda Peet. I don't know what it is about that movie but everytime it's on tv I can watch it again and again. The song that I've chosen this week is from the soundtrack and everytime I hear it I run to the dvd player and put the movie in :)

TROUBLE By Ray LaMontagne


  1. Oh my goodness.. LOVE this movie and LOVE this song! Such an awesome pick this week :-)

  2. I really enjoyed that movie too!! They were so cute together. What a great song too!!

  3. Damn that song is sexy. Reminds me of Otis Redding's music. I don't remember the movie but, I'm definitely loving this song. Thanks for featuring it!

  4. I love that song! That whole album of his is really good - I haven't listened to it in ages but will have to look it up again :)


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