April 20, 2011

Favorite place to read


Every Sunday after breakfast my family and I head out to the park to play games, fly a kite, and read. There’s something about being outdoors on a beautiful day, spending time with the family and reading a great book that can’t be described in words.

Our favorite park is on the river and it’s always full of families who have the same idea as us. Everyone is super friendly and we have all become friends usually meeting at the same time every Sunday. 

So last Sunday, as I sat there under the tree watching my girls fly the kite, I thought about sharing one of my favorite places to read with you.

So here are a few photos of my little slice of heaven, and my dog Lilo. Smile 


So where do you like to read the most? Is it outdoors, on your patio deck, a special room in your house?

I would love to hear about the places you like to read. Leave a comment.

Happy Thursday!


  1. Wow those places are so pretty! Especially those trees. My favorite place to read has to be at the kitchen counter. I'm always eating when I read :)

  2. Lovely pics, your wee dog is too cute!


  3. Vy- I kind of have an obsession about trees and always take pictures of them, lol weird I know. I'm alway eating when I read too!

    So many books- Thanks she's my little spoiled brat. :)

  4. Lovely pics! I mostly read on my bed or on the couch or in the kitchen while eating. I'll read anywhere! :)


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