April 9, 2011

Disney World

Last week I was absent from the Online world because I was on vacation. My family and I made the trip to beautiful Disney World. This isn't my first time going but it is my first time going to Animal Kingdom and Epcot.

Most of you know or if you don't that I am learning photography, it's actually more like attempting to act like I know what i'm doing. I haven't taken any classes, just watching videos and practicing. Anyways I thought I would share with you some of the shots that I got while I was at Disney last week.



  1. Great job on the photos! They are beautiful! Photography is another of my hobbies as well... I got a bit burned out a while back, and took a break. It's something I want to get back into though, if I just had more time. ;)

  2. Thos first two pictures of the castle are gorgeous! I used to work there, and the number of pictures I have is astounding ... and I'm not even really interested in photography! But all your pics are beautiful ... I hope that you had a magical trip and brought home some pixie dust with you!

  3. Those are postcards in the making. Nice job. I hope you had the time of your life in the Magic Kingdom.

  4. Christy- Thanks! Do you have any tips for me? I know what you mean I don't have enough time either between blogging/work/family :).

    Kristen-Thank you! You probably have some really great pictures of there. I did have a great trip all though it rained the whole time.

    Bookbelle- Thank you! It was very magical and tiring but it was worth is to see my girls faces light up :)


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