March 1, 2011

Review: The Goddess Test by Aimee Carter

The Goddess Test
By: Aimee Carter
Release Date: April 19, 2011

My Review:
It’s really hard to put it into words how much I loved this book, it was compelling and had me mesmerized from the first sentence to the last words typed. On her 18th birthday Kate Winters spends the day driving her mom who is terminally ill with cancer to her childhood home to spend the last few days/weeks of her life. Kate has grown up before her time because she spent the last four years of her life taking care of her mother instead of being a regular teenager and attending high school. Her mom is her stability and she would be lost without her, and Kate isn’t quite ready to say goodbye yet. Kate’s mom wants to know that her daughter will be happy before she leaves her that she would have a sense of purpose so she makes Kate enroll in the high school in her home town because she wants her to start living her life again. Kate has to start over in a new town, new school, and new friends. She has the pleasure of meeting Ava who is the ultimate rich, popular all American cheerleader type who thinks Kate is trying to steal her boyfriend. In an attempt to teach her a lesson Ava invites her to a bonfire party in the woods and then tries to leave her there, something catastrophic happens and this is where Kate’s life drastically changes. She has a choice to make and a bargain to uphold.
Without giving too much of the story away, I wanted to mention that I loved all of the different characters that you meet, they are each unique and all possess some trait that makes you love them even with all of their flaws. I loved Kate as the heroine because I could relate so much to what she went through, sitting on the sidelines and not being able to do anything to help the one you love, its heart wrenching and I even cried and certain points in the story.  She was so determined to do the best with the choices that she had and I commend her for that. This story was beautifully written with twist and turns in the plot that was completely unexpected. Ms. Carter did an excellent job of world building and captivating the reader. I can’t wait for the second book to be out to see what happens next in Kate’s journey.
Everyone should pre-order this book today. I loved it and will definitely read it again once I buy a hardcover copy of it.

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  1. I am looking forward to reading this one as soon as it comes out! April can not come fast enough. Your review has made me even more excited.


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